Our IT platform

At Fireworx Network Management, we offer a range of IT support services designed to meet the needs of businesses in the architecture, legal, design, manufacturing, engineering, and biotechnology fields.

All-inclusive cloud network

No more counting hours, withholding issues, or bargaining down big fixes for a patchwork of half-measures and little improvements. We deliver network stability and support through a fully managed, integrated system.

Business class hardware

We use trusted names only, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fortinet, and Cisco. We build and install fully-integrated systems that capable, low profile, and scalable. From hardware selection to placement, we’ll find a custom solution built specifically for you.

Software management and updates

Whether it is mainstream Word and Outlook or your individual market software – it’s only as good as the latest update. All program updates are included with a Fireworx Management subscription.

Our technical support

We offer technical support for hardware and software issues, as well as assistance with networking and connectivity.

24/7 monitoring

Routine system check and error logs turn into automatic repair service, helping avoid disasters before they happen. In the event something does go wrong, we’re ready to help with 24/7 support.

Advanced cybersecurity

We offer a range of cybersecurity services to protect businesses from threats like viruses, malware, and hacking.

Data backup and recovery

We can help businesses implement effective data backup and recovery strategies to protect their valuable information.

Our team of experts

With 15 years of experience managing cloud delivered software, we’ve been here since the infancy of cloud computing. Our experienced system architects know how to simplify hosting and migration processes in a way that’s both stable and secure.

Migration specialists

We can help businesses migrate to the cloud and manage their cloud-based systems and applications.

Seasoned IT consultants

We use stakeholder feedback to help you make informed decisions that improve efficiency, control costs, and unlock growth. Our detailed monthly reports provide valuable insights and feedback, so you always know where to focus.